12th Man Club

Chairs and Support Positions:

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Parent Liaison Chair

Parents are an enthusiastic part of our Football family, and should be encouraged at every step to participate. This chair will be run by a core group of parents. 

The main chair will appoint a committee consisting of one or more parents representing each of the four classes or Frosh/Soph and Varsity teams.

The Parent Liaison Chair, serves by encouraging the participation of parents in all football activities, parents should be made to feel that they are an integral part of the club - this is key - parents can make your season!  

The Parents Liaison Chair should plan at least one or two activities specifically geared toward parents, also assign parents to bring waters/Gatorade to practices, sandwiches for away games and spaghetti dinners for players. 

Communications Chair

Publicizes football activities through email, social media and the website.

Works closely with the Secretary and Gina Hyde our webmaster/developer, to maintain records of correspondence.


Fundraising Chair

Effective fundraising strategies can mean the difference between a thriving sports program and a merely surviving one. This chair needs work proactively with Executive Board members and Coaches, understanding the needs of the club then effectively launch all fundraising programs, events and sales. 


This Chair will also make sure all efforts to sell club products at games/events will be assigned.


Advertising Chair

This chair will be selling Stadium and street banners for the club. Also can use social media and neighborhood sights to promote events with advertising capabilities.


Social Chair

As the social chair, you are expected to put together, present and maintain the social calendar for the organization. This includes all events for the club. 


You will be working closely with our webmaster and secretary, making sure to post reminders for events via email, website and possibly a team What’s App program set up by the coaches.