12th Man Club

Football Boosters

Our Mission

The 12th Man Club is an all-volunteer group dedicated to providing financial resources, organizational support, and community outreach as a means to support the Players, Coaches, Cheerleaders, Band Members, Pep Squad, and all other groups that participate in Dolphins Football.


The 12th Man Club's efforts assist in everything from organizing pre-game meals for players and coaches, improving facilities, fundraising, investing in new equipment and coaching aids, and so much more.   Our goal is to make Dana Hills football the premier public school program in Orange County.

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Mike Geske – President

Geoff Brougham

Jack Kahler

Curtis Madden

Jason Allemann

Michael Pierce

Lori Preijers

Mary Alice Sargent

Scott Sargent

Karen McGrath

Dan Daley

Jason Wall

Logan Wall

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The Dana Hills 12th Man Club is a 501c Non-Profit established to fundraise and support Dana Hills Football.